The Best Fitness Trackers for CrossFit for 2019

By | March 14, 2017
The Best Fitness Trackers for CrossFit for 2017 (Last Updated On: November 23, 2018)

Crossfit is still widely popular in the fitness world. This fitness regimen was created back in 2000 and quickly seemed to take over. Now you can find Crossfit gyms, or boxes as they are called, in nearly every large throughout the US.

Although there is some debate about the safety of Crossfit over the past couple years, there is no doubt that when it is done properly it is an incredibly effective way of getting in shape.

Bottom Line Up Front: If you are trying to make a quick decision, I love the new Moov Multi-Sport at this listing. It’s a great price right now (special Holiday pricing) and does exactly what you need it to do for CrossFit.

Whether you are new to Crossfit or have been a fan for years, getting a fitness tracker can give you some better insight on how your body is doing and the progress you are making. Many people who enjoy Crossfit also tend to enjoy a variety of outdoor or fitness activities as well. The right fitness tracker can really improve your overall experience and handle your active lifestyle.

#1 Moov Now Multi-Sport Wearable Coach

Moov’s original fitness tracker was a simple clip-on device and since then they have immensely improved their design. Their current device is called the Moov Now which is a wearable that goes above and beyond what you would expect from a fitness watch.

Features of the Moov Now:

  • Can be worn on the wrist or on the ankle
  • Wear a watch on each wrist for accurate tracking of activities like boxing
  • Ideal for running, walking, swimming, cycling, HIIT and more
  • Built-in audio coaching will motivate, improve and guide you
  • Use the 7Min+ options for automatic rep counting
  • Super accurate omni motion sensors
  • Waterproof and dustproof design make it highly durable
  • Get up to 6 months of battery life from one charge (depending on usage)

The Moov Now is ideal for Crossfit in a number of ways. First off, the design of the watch is excellent. It is tough and you won’t have to worry about getting it wet. The watch itself is slim and despite not having a display, it looks quite nice on the wrist. It is easy to sync up to your phone and some find that the lack of display is actually a benefit as it prevents distraction.

One of the most useful features of the Moov Now is the 7 Minute+ workout option. It offers a high intensity workout that will work well for those doing Crossfit part-time. This total body bodyweight workout will get you sweating and the audio coach will keep at the right amount of effort.

NOTE: You can read my full (original) review of the Moov Now here.

#2 Microsoft Band 2

If you are a Crossfitter that also leads an otherwise busy life, the Microsoft Band 2 is worth considering. This band is ideal for those new to wearables and don’t want a workout-only band, but rather a tracker that they can wear all day.

Features of the Band 2:

  • Continuous heart rate tracker via wristband
  • Customizable tracking while working out, running, biking and more
  • Sync to your phone to receive call, text, email and calendar notifications
  • Window 8.1 and later can use Cortana to reply to text messages
  • All-night sleep tracking so you can learn your habits
  • Continual calories burned tracked
  • Bluetooth allows you to control your music via wristband
  • Has a GPS and barometer
  • UV monitor will alert you when you’ve had too much sun
  • Battery will last 2 days with full use

The Microsoft Band 2 isn’t as fancy as other fitness trackers but it’s a good all-around, versatile option for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a gadget that can’t perform double-duty. This band can easily handle strenuous Crossfit workouts in the gym and be worn while running around or lounging around the house.

#3 Fitbit Charge HR

The original Fitbit Charge is great but the Charge HR is even better. Anyone who has worn a chest heart rate monitor knows that they aren’t the most comfortable thing. Especially with an active workout like Crossfit, when you start sweating it’s easy for the chest monitor to move around. The Charge HR fixes this issue by monitoring heart rate via the wrist.

Features of the Charge HR:

  • Accurately tracks heart rate on the wrist, eliminating the need for a chest monitor
  • Ideal for everything from strenuous workouts to all-day wear
  • Auto tracks steps, distance, calories burned, time spent in an active heart rate zone and more
  • Sync with your phone to receive call notifications
  • SmartTrack features can tell when you are exercising and when you aren’t
  • When set to Exercise Mode you will get real-time stats
  • Fitbit app allows you to track food, become part of their community and earn badges
  • Monitors sleep automatically with option to set a silent alarm
  • Syncing compatible with phones, tablets and computers
  • Battery will last up to 5 days will all-day use and takes under 2hrs to fully charge

The Charge HR pretty much does everything you could ask for in a multi-sport style fitness tracker. Those who participate in Crossfit will find that this device works very well and allows them complete insight into their daily activities, not just their workout.

Most people who are seriously into Crossfit are also into overall health and fitness so being able to track sleep and keep track of your diet is a huge advantage. The Fitbit app is one of the best out there and you can use it on your phone or tablet. If you enjoy the competitive aspect of Crossfit you’ll also enjoy how you can compete with others in the Fitbit app or just work towards beating your own stats.

NOTE: If you are wondering what the main difference between the Fitbit Charge and Flex is, you can read my comp here.

#4 PUSH Armband

One of the main struggles with fitness trackers is their failure to recognize weightlifting or strength training. Majority of fitness watches have no problem with counting steps, distance ran and heart rate but wearers get mixed results when they hit the weights. If you do a lot of weight lifting in your own Crossfit-based regimens, the PUSH band will be useful.

Features of the PUSH armband:

  • Program focuses on velocity-based training
  • Has eight 1 hour workouts built in
  • Is worn on the forearm rather than the wrist
  • Scientifically validated and recommended by numerous sports organizations
  • Water-resistant and sweat-wicking for comfort and longevity
  • Compatible with iOS and android
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors

The PUSH band is easy to use- simply choose a training focus, pick the exercise you are going to do, workout and then later view your results on the app. Unlike other fitness trackers, the PUSH is heavily recommended by sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA and others. It hasn’t been as heavily marketed as other fitness brands but is an excellent workhorse for athletes.

#5 Atlas Super-Tracker Wristband

Atlas may not be as well known as brands like Fitbit but don’t let that put that off. The Super-Tracker wristband may be one of the most impressive options for Crossfit or anyone that deviates from typical workout regimens.

Features of the Atlas Wristband:

  • Accurately tracks reps, calories burned, heart rate (average & peak) and workout duration
  • Track strength training exercises via muscle focus, velocity and form
  • Recognized numerous exercises with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension and calisthenics
  • Able to automatically identify and count reps for all exercises recognized
  • 360 degree sensors ‘see’ you in 3D for the most accuracy
  • Built-in heart rate monitor in wristband
  • Able to wear while swimming
  • Calories counter uses advanced Atlas analytics
  • Will sync with iOS and android phones

While the Atlas watch is available to buy now that doesn’t mean the company isn’t still innovating. Pending features include active and rest time, stability, VO2 max and more. The features it already does have is reason enough to buy this if you do crossfit though.

There aren’t any other wristbands on the market that are this well made or able to recognize weightlifting and calisthenics.

Common Crossfit exercises like box jumps, pull ups, shoulder presses, kettlebell swings, burpees, tricep dips and more are all recognized and accurately tracked. It is astounding how this wristband will count your reps precisely, even while doing exercises other wristbands fail to keep track of.

The Atlas watch is more expensive than others on the market but well worth the investment if you do Crossfit or a lot of strength training mixed with high intensity cardio.

Final Lift

Since Crossfit workouts are often so different from traditional workouts it can be tricky to find a fitness tracker that can handle such variety. Don’t waste your money on a device that can’t keep up accurately. Look into one of these five devices instead.

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