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The Fitbit Charge 3: Our First Look

Fitbit, the company behind Fitbit Charge 3, is widely known for its line of excellent fitness trackers. However, if you add smartwatches into the picture, Fitbit somehow lags behind.  The company has been ranked third when it comes to market share in the wearables industry for several quarters now, next only to Apple and Xiaomi. Fitbit’s sales, however,… Read More »

The Fossil Q Dreamer Review: Will You Love It?

In the past, activity trackers with rubber or silicone straps looked very athletic and sporty. Over the years, however, we have seen fitness trackers being introduced into the market with a rather feminine look, having slimmer profiles and using colors such as rose gold, pink, or champagne. One of the first female-oriented activity trackers to come out is… Read More »

The Actofit Review – Will You Love It?

In a world with artificial intelligence, and a variety of watches in the smart scale, Actofit is a device that promises to detect the kind of movement you are doing and track it automatically, like a gym tracker. For instance, it can tell if you are doing dumbbell curls and then counts the number of repetitions that you… Read More »

Moov Now Fitness Tracker Review

The founders of Moov had a goal to make wellness and advancement in health available to everyone, regardless of whether they are serious athletes or have never exercised a day in their life but want to make a change. With the way technology has improved lives, it made sense to try and create a fitness tracker to achieve… Read More »