Review of the Samsung Gear Fit – Getting Past Appearances

Smartwatches and fitness bands are becoming more popular as they advance and offer better functionality. The Samsung Gear Fit is somewhat unique as it offers the best of both worlds’ features operating as a smartwatch and as a fitness band. The fitness band and smartwatch combo is priced at just $200 which is within a very reasonable range… Read More »

A Smartwatch Buying Guide – Finding The Best Smartwatch

Do you have the best smartwatch? Curious which ones offer more value? This page is for you. After spending days researching the top brands and models, I still had trouble figuring out which was the best option for my needs. So, I made it my mission to quantify the various attributes to make a truly educated choice. 6… Read More »

A Comparison of the Basis Peak vs Fitbit Charge – Which is Better?

A smartwatch operates as a computerized wristwatch that does much more than simply keeps track of time. Early models, which companies released during the 1990s, performed basic functions that included translations, calculations, and game playing. Contemporary smartwatches have transformed the earlier models into veritable mobile computers that run on mobile operating systems. The mobile operating systems provide mobile… Read More »

Our Take on the Cookoo: Cookoo Smartwatch Review

In a sea of technology and feature-rich smartwatches, the Cookoo smartwatch is surprisingly (and even refreshingly) simple. It features five icons – incoming/missed calls, new emails, new social media or text alerts, calendar alerts, and a low battery alert. There are also two other icons to let you know whether vibration or audible beep settings are activated on… Read More »