The Best Fitbit for Seniors (They Actually WANT to Wear)

What should you look for in a fitness tracker that is designed especially for seniors? The elderly need to take better care of their health, so if you think that fitness trackers are only for the young, you are mistaken.  Elderly people can certainly benefit from the smartwatch features and functionalities offered by fitness trackers like Fitbit. But… Read More »

The Fossil Q Dreamer Review: Will You Love It?

In the past, activity trackers with rubber or silicone straps looked very athletic and sporty. Over the years, however, we have seen fitness trackers being introduced into the market with a rather feminine look, having slimmer profiles and using colors such as rose gold, pink, or champagne. One of the first female-oriented activity trackers to come out is… Read More »

A Review of Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Athletes

You may be surprised to know that Recon Instruments was the first to develop a headset display back in 2010. Though the Jet is often compared to Google Glass, Recon was experimenting with this technology over a year earlier. If you do compare the two products, you’ll find that Recon is all about designing for athletes. The is… Read More »

Samsung Gear Circle Review – Useful or Not?

One of the greatest things about having a smartphone or other easily portable electronic device is being able to listen to music and other audio with a headphones. Many people prefer earbud-style headphones and as technology advanced, wireless earbuds became quite popular. Bluetooth allowed for easy connection from earbuds to phones and continues to be the best option.… Read More »

A Smartwatch Buying Guide – Finding The Best Smartwatch

Do you have the best smartwatch? Curious about which ones offer more value? This page is for you. After spending days researching the top brands and models, I still had trouble figuring out which was the best option for my needs. So, I made it my mission to quantify the various attributes to make a truly educated choice.… Read More »

The Best Activity Trackers for Runners

State-of-the-art smartwatches are great in some ways but aren’t perfect for every activity. This is the problem I faced when I was looking for something specifically for running. Despite the “features” on the label, some brands “get it” while others seemed to add fitness tracking as an afterthought. Even within the more specific niche of activity trackers, not… Read More »