Withings Pulse vs Fitbit Flex: Which Fitness Tracker Will You Love?

Fitbit and Withings are both consumer electronics companies that have made their names from creating personal health devices such as fitness trackers and smart scales to help people understand their health and fitness levels better, gain insights on their weight management and exercise program, and easily track fitness metrics. While Fitbit continues to create fitness trackers, Withings has… Read More »

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Review That You Need to Read Now

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the third-generation Vivoactive and it sports marked improvements over its predecessors.  Is it the smart watch to buy?  Read on and find out!  Design  The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a step up from both the original and second generation Vivoactive when it comes to design.  It has an expensive look with its metal… Read More »

The Ultimate Garmin Vivomove HR Review

he Garmin Vivomove HR is quite unique in the smartwatch space because, unlike other smartwatches with full touchscreen display and that act like a smaller screen for your smartphone, it actually uses an analog watch face and then adds a touchscreen for its smart features.  The result is a beautiful watch that looks classic and futuristic at the same time. The Garmin Vivomove HR has an additional… Read More »

The 3 Best Smartwatches for Texting Made Easy

Smartwatches are gaining popularity because they not only replace traditional watches, but they also bring with them a lot of features designed to make life easier for you. For one, smartwatches also function as a fitness tracker, as well as a second screen for your smartphone. Most smartwatches notify you when somebody calls, or when you receive e-mails… Read More »

Fossil Q vs. Moto 360: Which is Best?

Android Wear is a stripped-down version of Android, meant for use on wearables and smartwatches. Two of the most notable brands of Android Wear-powered smartwatches available now are Motorola’s (2nd Generation) and Smartwatches. Moto 360 (2nd Generation) Those who have seen or have owned a first generation would agree that the second iteration of this smartwatch looks a… Read More »

The Best Fitbit for Seniors That Everyone Will Love Too!

What should you look for in a fitness tracker that is designed especially for seniors? The elderly need to take better care of their health, so if you think that fitness trackers are only for the young, you are mistaken.  Elderly people can certainly benefit from the features and functionalities offered by fitness trackers like Fitbit. But which… Read More »