The Michael Kors Access Watch: Is it More than Design?

Smartwatches are getting more popular now and it shows because of the number of companies that are throwing their hats into the fray. The good news is that you have a wide range of choices that would fit your every smartwatch requirement. Michael Kors is one of those companies that wanted to smarten up their traditional watches. The… Read More »

Basis Peak vs Fitbit Surge: Which Activity Tracker is Best?

Before the time of full-color LCD screens, activity trackers looked more like traditional digital watches and functioned like high-tech pedometers. The most noteworthy activity trackers released then were the Basis Peak and , both featuring a heart rate monitor and long battery life. These two effectively stamped out their competitors during that time. The others did not have… Read More »

Misfit Shine vs. Misfit Flash: Which Is Best For You?

Think about fitness trackers and then think about counting steps, calories burned and distance traveled. The next thing you would think about is the price, because fitness trackers, especially Fitbits, have this reputation for being too pricey – something in the range of at least $100. Misfit changed all that when they first offered the Shine and, subsequently,… Read More »

The Actofit Review – Will You Love It?

Actofit promises to detect the kind of movement you are doing and track it automatically. For instance, it can tell if you are doing dumbbell curls and then counts the number of repetitions that you are doing. You can move on to pull-ups and Actofit can detect that you’ve switched to another exercise and count the reps on… Read More »

The Pavlok Review – Is It Right For You?

is a wearable that aims to help you break bad habits. For instance, if you want to stop biting your nails, the Pavlok would help you with that. The next time that you find yourself nailbiting, you just press the lightning bolt on the Pavlok to give yourself an electric shock. The logic behind this is that the… Read More »

Comparison: Fitbit Blaze vs Garmin Vivoactive HR

With a new year comes new resolutions, many of which will include something to do with weight loss, fitness, or health. A helpful tool for encouragement, tracking, and reminders of your resolution are the fitness tracker. Choosing the right wearable can be a frustrating experience, and you want to make sure you choose one that fits your needs.… Read More »

Bellabeat vs Fitbit [2019 Edition]: Which is Better?

Fitbit and Bellabeat both offer fitness trackers that allow users to keep track of their activities easily. How does one brand compare to the other?  Who’s the Target User?   Both companies offer fitness trackers that cater to the health-conscious consumers who want to keep track of their activities, fitness, sleep, and exercise.  However, smart jewelry is more geared towards women.  On top… Read More »