A Review of Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Athletes

You may be surprised to know that Recon Instruments was the first to develop a headset display back in 2010. Though the Jet is often compared to Google Glass, Recon was experimenting with this technology over a year earlier. If you do compare the two products, you’ll find that Recon is all about designing for athletes. The is… Read More »

The Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps You’ll Actually Use

runs on Tizen OS and one of the concerns early on was that it was going to lack high-quality apps.  Apps available for Tizen OS were indeed fewer,  especially when compared with the 2.8 million apps available on Android Play and the 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store. However, when Samsung Gear S2 was released, it… Read More »

The Full Bellabeat Leaf Review

is a wearable fitness tracker that can predict stress and can, therefore, enable you to avoid it.  But what makes it different from traditional smart fitness trackers is that it is made for women and not only monitors sleep and activity but also keeps track of the user’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy. It will then take all of… Read More »

TomTom Multi-Sport Review – Is it Worth the Price?

TomTom goal is to design products that help people move towards their own goals, in a very literal way. This company is famous for their GPS navigation systems and their GPS sport watches. They are always right at the edge of new technological advances and continue to impress their fan base by producing impressive tech. One example of… Read More »