Garmin Fenix 5 vs 5 Plus: Which Garmin Sports Watch Should You Go With?

Staying in tune with yourself and your surroundings while exploring nature is critical if you plan to remain safe while exploring and elevate your overall experience. Before the creation of smart devices and wearable technology, outdoor exploration enthusiasts had to rely on arcane tools like compasses in order to keep themselves safe and maintain the right direction while… Read More »

Huawei Watch vs. Moto 360: Which is Best for You?

Android Wear powers some of the best smartwatches available now. Google has given smartwatch manufacturers a platform that would allow them to deliver the best smart features to their users. Not only that, it is an operating system that can take advantage of a whole range of apps. With Android Wear, you can be sure that different smartwatches… Read More »

Fossil Q vs Moto 360: Which is Best?

Android Wear is a stripped-down version of Android, meant for use on wearables and smartwatches. Two of the most notable brands of Android Wear-powered smartwatches available now are Motorola’s Moto 360 and Fossil Q Smartwatches. But which Android Wear smartwatch is better? Bottom Line Up Front: I much prefer the Fossil Q smartwatches here, they just offer more… Read More »

Fitbit Ionic vs. Apple Watch 2: Find Out Which to Love!

Fitbit is well known for its fitness trackers.  While most of its early competition offered subpar devices that failed in comparison, the company rolled out well-made trackers. However, things in the fitness tracker space is now heating up and Fitbit is finding worthy rivals made by TomTom, Samsung, and Garmin.  And with Apple entering the fitness tracking space… Read More »

Fitbit Blaze vs. Garmin Vivoactive: Which Smartwatch Will You Choose?

Different fitness bands and smartwatches offer different features, but most would share the same space: your wrist.  Rather than wearing two different devices, how about combining their functionalities together and come up with a single device?  This is what Fitbit and Garmin have done with their Blaze and Vivoactive devices. Main Differences Between Fitbit Blaze vs Garmin Vivoactive… Read More »