Polar M200 VS M400

Polar M200 vs M400 – Which Sports Watch Model is Better?

Both M200 and M400  are Polar multisport watches that come with many great features such as built-in GPS, advanced running, and other sports options, such as optical heart rate sensors.

These gadgets can be easily used by a wide range of individuals, from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts. The M400 has excellent activity tracking functions while M200 is a more affordable alternative that still does a lot of things. So, which model should you purchase? I have created this comparative review in order to help you make a well-informed buying decision, so stick around!

Polar M200 vs M400 – What Are They?

Polar M200

This is M400’s successor and it is a good running watch that delivers useful as well as accurate tracking information in a very simple form. It functions without the need of using a smartphone and it is marketed with a built-in GPS. Moreover, you won’t need to charge the battery after every single running session.

Finally, M200 is a sports watch that has an easy-to-navigate interface. Its price tag is lower than many other similar products. It’s true this isn’t the perfect option or the best watch of its kind available on the market but it comes with a lot of potentials without breaking the bank.

Polar M400

M400 is wallet-friendly and it’s the first Polar fitness gadget that has finally eliminated the gap between GPS sports watches and fitness tracking bands.

You will be able to keep track of your entire physical activity just by looking at your wrist. Polar M400 is a good acquisition regardless of the workouts or exercises you want to perform. It’s even good for when you decide to walk up the office stairs.

Polar M200 vs M400 – Design and Build

Polar M200

polar m200

When it comes to looks, M200 is not the most beautiful sports watch you’ve ever seen. Despite the fact that its design is pretty basic, this device is also durable.

The main unit is enclosed and surrounded by a strap made of silicone which is a very flexible material. You can choose your desired color, from the available options: white, black, red, yellow, or turquoise. The screen is quite small.

Maybe it seems so tiny because of the bezel that covers a lot of the display. The manufacturer clearly wants users to keep the gadget on their wrists the entire day. Still, most people take it off once their workout is completed.

Another thing that might represent a drawback for some of you is the lack of a touchscreen. All users have is a button placed on the watch’s right side and another button on the left side of the device.

You must use the right button to navigate through the menu while the left button enables you to sync your progress with your smartphone, end a current run, or check the time. These two controls work by tapping them or pressing them for a longer time.

I must confess that this is definitely not the most classy navigation system I’ve ever encountered but at least it does its job well. All in all, this watch is pretty comfortable and lightweight so you will barely feel it on your wrist. You will probably notice that the clasp is a tad fiddly but it’s also durable enough.

Polar M400

Unlike its predecessor, M400  has multisport credentials. It tracks a wide range of activities, from running and cycling to horse riding. Regardless, this gadget was initially created as a running device. Polar M400 stands out among other smartwatches remarkably well. On the other hand, don’t expect it to pair up with a lot of accessories. Moreover, cycling cadence sensors aren’t included in the feature package. Despite those small issues, its design is much better compared to M200.

To begin with, the strap feels much more comfortable on your wrist. The face of the watch has a more ergonomic outline. Another useful upgrade is represented by the easy USB charging option. With this watch, you won’t need a charging cable or a dock.

M400 is completely waterproof and its display features a high contrast which allows you to read your tracking info even when you’re standing in direct sunlight.

On the downside, this device lacks an important option: it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor (the built-in type) like other running gadgets such as those marketed by TomTom or Adidas. You can pair it with a chest strap, though, if you want a higher level of accuracy. This isn’t a bulky sports watch which is another plus, for sure.

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Polar M200 vs M400 – Features, and Accuracy

Polar M200

On this watch, you will find all the basic essential features that any runner needs. First and foremost, it provides a built-in GPS, which means you can easily use this device without taking your phone with you.

Besides the GPS, it also comes with an optical heart rate sensor that’s placed on the back. There are several pre-set activities but feel free to add as many as you want by syncing the watch with its dedicated app.

The range of sports activities is exhaustive and things like table tennis or roller skating aren’t excluded. Still, when it comes to many of these activities, the Polar device won’t offer specific tracking stats. M200 is waterproof and you can wear it under water up to 30 meters. Although you can use the watch when you’re swimming, don’t expect it to track your strokes because it won’t.

One thing that’s bothering me is the fact that M200 seems to skip some brief parts of my exercising routines but that doesn’t happen all the time. Despite that issue, I am still pleased with how this watch works, especially its heart rate monitor. During your running routine, you can check your heart rate, lap time, overall duration, and pace. You can even see a history of your recent workouts.

Another nice feature is given by the watch’s sleep tracker which even though it’s a basic one is still measures the length and quality of your resting time. It’s true, however, that this particular function isn’t very accurate.

Polar M400

polar m400

This fitness tracker will keep up with your workout’s pace, calorie burn, distance, altitude, and other important aspects. But what I like most about the gadget is its ability to offer valuable data during the day, even for those moments when you’re not cycling or running.

It has an internal accelerometer that tracks your daily steps, monitors your sleep, and sends you notifications when you’re sitting for a longer time.

It might not provide the same performance and accuracy as other options on the market Garmin Forerunner but it brings a lot of conveniences because it shows all these details on one single platform.

An excellent running feature that M400 comes with is the Back Home GPS direct route that will guide you right to the location where you started your session.

It’s a brilliant option that comes in handy, especially when you’re doing your workouts in a foreign country or city. There’s also an estimator of your running time which lets you know how much time it will take for you to cover a certain area at your current pace.

You will be able to enjoy post-run feedback which will reveal whether or not you’re improving your cardio, the effects of the workout on your organism, and how much fat you’ve burned. As a downside, M400 sends notifications only for iOS users for now. On the bright side, it lets you select the notifications you want to receive.

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Polar M200 vs M400 – Battery Life

Polar M200

This device’s battery life is pretty decent considering its so many options and functionalities. If you go out for a run on a daily basis, you will most likely have to charge the battery once per five days before using the watch again.

Still, if you also enable the smart notifications, the battery life might decrease a little. If you only use this watch as an activity tracker, you’ll probably need to charge it only once a month which is absolutely amazing.

Polar M400

On GPS mode, M400 will work approximately 8 hours at a time (if you start with a fully charged battery). Compared to other similar running watches, this Polar model is highly competitive.

Using it to track your daily steps or just keeping the device on the general watch mode keeps the battery going for up to 21 days in a row. That’s significantly longer than most of the other fitness trackers out there.

Polar M200 vs M400 – How Much Do These Multisport Watches Cost?

Polar M200

Depending on the seller and the color you choose to purchase, the price of the Polar M200 sports watch ranges between $110.94 and $138.

Polar M400

On Amazon, a used Polar M400 fitness tracking watch costs around $150 while a brand new one is sold for the price of $220.

Polar M200 vs M400 – Pros and Cons

M200 polar

Polar M200


  • Provides plenty of benefits and features at a pretty affordable price;
  • Its GPS technology is solid;
  • The gadget functions with training programs created by Polar.


  • Doesn’t look great – its design might be a bit of a disappointment for some of you;
  • There are several smart notifications that, in my opinion, are quite pointless;
  • According to several users, this smartwatch has certain syncing problems.

Polar M400


  • This fitness wearable has a full 360 tracking feature;
  • The battery life lasts a decent length of time;
  • You can easily charge this sports watch using a USB cable.


  • The tracking function of your sports activities is a tad basic;
  • There’s no HR monitor built in the gadget;
  • The lack of accessory support might also be an issue.

Polar M200 vs M400 – What Do Users Say about These Gadgets?

polar m400 watch

Polar M200

On Amazon, Polar M200 has received a rating of 3.5 out of a total of 5 stars from more than 170 customers. Most of them are pleased with the way this product works and its functionalities. Still, some users mentioned a couple of issues this product has.

For instance, one individual stated that the only possible way to set up this device is via your smartphone or computer which he found annoying and time-consuming. Also, some say that the light of the screen isn’t powerful or bright enough when you look at the device on the automatic mode.

On the other hand, the majority of users said they love this watch due to the fact that it is waterproof and it comes with the possibility to change wrist bands. Moreover, M200 is the perfect alternative if you are on a tighter budget but you don’t want to sacrifice some excellent features.

Polar M400

Polar M400 has received a rating of 3.7 out of a total of 5 stars and over 1600 customers have reviewed this product on Amazon. I was simply amazed to see how many people have taken their time to write long descriptions of the way this watch works.

They said that M400 is a great option due to its free training routines, training flexibility, community support groups, target zones, the possibility to establish goals, and many other things. A number of other users, however, have complained about the fact that Polar M400 could have had better controls and it takes quite a lot to charge.

FAQ’s About Polar M200 and M400

Question: Are they waterproof?

Answer: Yes. Both Polar M200 and M400 are waterproof down to 30 meters.

Question: Can I swim with my Polar heart rate monitor?

Answer: The company assures that all of their monitors (except for S800CX, RCX3, RC3, and CS600x) can be used for swimming activities, and all of their models are differently waterproof, some hold up to even 100 meters, however, they also advise not to operate with your monitor’s buttons as you can damage it.

Polar M200 vs M400 – the Final Verdict

Both watches work well and can be very useful when you work out. On the one hand, Polar M200 might not have a very pretty design but it’s capable to offer you many of the options that other more expensive sports watches have.

This model is particularly good for those who are into running. Still, M400 is significantly better and performs better when it comes to tracking your workout routines.

The M400 wearable is an excellent choice with a great bang for your buck. It provides you with a full picture of your daily training and physical activities.

Some say that serious and deeply-committed runners and cyclists could find better options on the market but the M400 device is the go-to watch if you want to train for your first marathon or simply embark on a more physically active journey.

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