Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch – Which is Better

Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch – Which is Better?

The Samsung Gear Live is designed to give you personalized information in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is say “Ok, Google,” at which point you can ask specific questions or have the smartwatch complete a task, such as send out a text message or pull up your schedule.

The smooth, efficient system makes it easy for you to set reminders, send text messages, and ask questions by voice. It’s also possible to view reminders, set up an appointment, and even check a flight’s status. The Samsung Gear Live is outfitted with numerous screen choices and clock designs to match any personality.

The LG G watch is a slender, stylish watch that also provides essential information in an instant. Examples of what you can expect from this watch include speedy answers to questions, helpful information whenever you need it, and a display that’s always on.

This watch comes in black and white gold and is designed for all-day comfort thanks to its lightweight design and soft strap.


Samsung Gear Live

samsung gear live

Samsung Gear Live runs on Android Wear and is compatible with smartphones using Android 4.3 or later as well as Jelly Bean or higher. You can glance at the watch at any time for information and updates, as its display is also always on. If you need to see more, a one-touch operation wakes up the display.

One of the highlights of the Gear Live is its bright and colorful screen, which features razor-sharp images. Whether you’re outside in the full sun or indoors, screen visibility is still good. Other highlights include a heart rate monitor and a water and dust-resistant exterior.

LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is also compatible with devices running Android 4.3 or higher. It’s also compatible with iOS 8.2 and later, although with limited functionality. Want to personalize your watch? It’s easy to swap out the standard interchangeable 22mm strap that comes with the watch.

As with the Samsung Gear Live, the G Watch features an always-on display that gives you crucial information, such as the time and latest updates, without a single touch. If you plan on using the watch outdoors frequently (or you just want a screen that’s easy to read in the sunlight), the LG G’s screen is easy on the eyes.

Key Features

Knowing which features a watch has (or doesn’t) can help sway your decision one way or another. Both of these watches have a number of helpful features.

Style and design

Each watch has a large square display face with a slender profile along with wider wrist straps for enhanced comfort. The easiest way to customize the Samsung is through its various clock designs. There’s a wide range to choose from, ensuring something for every personality. In contrast, the G watch is available in two colors: Titan Black and White Gold. Consumers also appreciate the interchangeable straps, which transform the watch in just minutes.


Both watches run on the Android Wear operating system. You’ll also say “Ok, Google” to get started on either model, whether you want directions, set reminders, or complete other tasks. Android Wear helps to organize information and promptly provide relevant suggestions.

The G watch excels in rapidly responding to spoken questions. For example, you can ask it for directions or the latest weather report.

Need to send a text or complete a similarly important task? Simply speak into the watch rather than use your hands. Staying connected is also simple with the Samsung Gear Live, as it displays your favorite apps and relevant notifications.


The LG G and Samsung Gear Live feature an always-on display. The display is always on and visible, even if it’s just to display vital information. These watches provide the current time and the most recent relevant updates at a glance.

The Samsung G’s screen is designed for enhanced visibility, whether you’re outdoors or inside. It also stands out for its crisp, vivid display. The LG G’s display is one of the clearest among competitors and is visible whether you’re outside or indoors. Both screens feature a slender modern profile.

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Pros and Cons


Voice recognition can be a bit spotty or unreliable on some smartwatch models, but it’s one of the hallmark features of the LG G. This watch has impressively accurate voice recognition, allowing you to complete tasks without the touch of a finger. As with any voice recognition software, you can expect the occasional glitch or misheard word or phrase.

Place it side-by-side with competitors, however, and it’s clear that the LG G’s voice recognition is exceptional. Another one of G’s best features is its highly durable construction. You don’t have to worry about hiding the watch away when the weather turns foul, as it’s certified water and dirt resistant.

If you’re looking for a watch with a more upscale appearance, however, this one isn’t it. While the LG G and Samsung Gear Live share similar appearances, the G is criticized for its overly cheap look and plastic materials. The always-on display is certainly convenient, but the clarity and vividness fall behind what’s offered with the Samsung Gear Live.

Samsung Gear Live:

At first glance, the Samsung Gear Live looks a lot like the LG G. Both feature a rather generic design with a minimalist approach. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll find that the Samsung Gear sets itself apart in a few ways. For example, it offers a sleek metal body and a slender profile.

The screen is also a bit crisper, and you probably won’t find yourself struggling to read the display when you’re outdoors. As with the LG, this Samsung watch also has exceptional voice recognition. This is a particularly noteworthy characteristic since it’s advertised as being a great choice for hands-free, or limited touch, operation.

The Samsung Gear Live is plagued by poor battery life. Of course, this is partly due to the fact that it’s running Android Wear. If you want a watch that can handle multiple tasks at once or run a larger app without running out of juice, this watch isn’t your best bet.

Some consumers also wish the screen was more visible in brighter settings. Still, the screen is a bit crisper and more detailed than most other smartwatches currently on the market.

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Key Features Comparison: Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch

This side-by-side comparison highlights features such as screen size, display, and most notable features.

Samsung Gear Live LG G
Price $199 $229
Screen size 1.63 inches 1.65 inches
Operating system Android Wear; compatible with devices running Android 4.3, Jelly Bean, or higher Android Wear; compatible with Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 8.2 and later, although with limited functionality
Display Large square shape Large square shape
Battery life 300mAh; needs to be recharged daily 400 mAh; designed to go for an entire day on a single charge; often needs to be recharged at night
Memory 512 MB 512 MB
Storage 4 GB 4 GB
Features Sleek metal design; interchangeable bands; always-on display; vivid and bright display; water and dirt-resistant exterior; built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer Compatible with both Android and iOS 8 and higher devices; always-on display; responsive voice recognition; available in titan black or white gold; water and dirt resistant

Should I Buy Now or Wait?


If you’re shopping on a tight budget, it’s hard to overlook the Samsung Gear Live in favor of the LG G. The fully-loaded Gear Live offers a heart rate monitor and excellent Google Now functionality. It even works with standard watchbands — an added bonus if you want to personalize your watch.

It also doesn’t come with as many features. For example, you won’t find a heart rate monitor on this watch. Both products suffer from subpar battery life, although the LG G seems to last longer on a single charge than the Gear Live and doesn’t lose its charge as quickly when one or more apps are open.

PRICING UPDATE: If want to spend less than $100 right now, consider the LG G at $99. There is certainly room for improvement, especially when considering the product’s rather cheap appearance and battery life.

On the plus side, an increasing number of compatible watch faces makes customizing your LG G much simpler than when it first hit the market. This watch does a great job of providing essential updates and information when you need them the most.