The Actofit Review – Will You Love It?

In a world with artificial intelligence, and a variety of watches in the smart scale, Actofit is a device that promises to detect the kind of movement you are doing and track it automatically, like a gym tracker.

For instance, it can tell if you are doing dumbbell curls and then counts the number of repetitions that you are doing. You can move on to pull-ups and Actofit can detect that you’ve switched to another exercise and count the reps on that as well.

Features of Actofit

With the Actofit wearable tracker device, you can expect:

Advanced motion tracking. The Actofit wearable devices make use of machine learning algorithms to better detect your movements and workout routine. This allows the Actofit to:

  • Identify what exercises you are performing
  • Measure your heart rate
  • Count the repetitions you are making
  • Evaluate your form
  • Count the calories you have burned, among others like fat.

All your data in one place. Actofit device is able to recognize all of your movements and log them accordingly. You can find workout data, history, logs, statistics, comparisons, analytics, evaluations, and all measurements in one place. This would help you see your data so that you can make corrections and adjustments to your workout.

What kind of data are tracked?

Actofit is a fitness workout tracker that can monitor your:

  • Heart rate. Actofit continuously monitors your real time heart rate, allowing you to know if you are in the right heart rate zones that will help maximize your workouts.
  • Calories. How many calories have you burned while doing exercises?
  • Sleep. Checks the length and quality of your sleep, and yes, the readings are very accurate. You can see how long you were in deep sleep and in light sleep.
  • Distance travelled. Actofit tells you how much distance you have walked or run.
  • Steps. Actofit counts the number of steps you have taken.

Smart features

Apart from tracking your health, workout routine, and fitness statistics, Actofit also works as a smart device. You can get calendar notifications, text alerts, and call alerts right from your wrist. It also features the ability to share your statistics on social media platforms. Actofit’s idle alerts remind you to move when you have been sedentary for some time.

Furthermore, you can pay with Actofit as it allows for wireless NFC payments. It also has a clock and with Smart Alarms, it can wake you up when you are not soundly sleeping. Smart Alarms works within 15 minutes of your set alarm time.

For instance, set the alarm for 6:30 am, and the Actofit will try to determine when you are sleeping the lightest within 15 minutes around this time before waking you up. This way, you can wake up when your body is ready, rather than wake up groggy or miss the alarm altogether.

Workout-related features

Actofit can automatically log your session and specific exercises right down to the minutest details. You can get a view of the calories you burned, your heart rate, energy spent, the tonnage, the muscles worked, and other information while doing an exercise. It counts sets and reps, evaluates your form, and measures velocity, force, explosiveness, and power. More than that, it gives you personalized tracking and easy-to-understand analytics.

How it fares with other similarly priced fitness trackers

Actofit is in the same price range as the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Atlas Wristband 2.

Actofit delivers more features than both Atlas and Fitbit Charge 2. For instance, it is the only tracker that measures power force-velocity, as well as the only one that offers the smart alarm feature.

Brand  Actofit  Atlas Wristband 2  Fitbit Charge 2 
Price  $149  $199  $119.95 
Automatic exercise recognition  Yes  Yes  Only for some exercises 
Rep counting  Yes  Yes  No 
Power, force, velocity measured  Yes  No  No 
Calories burnt  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Display  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Step counting  Yes  No  Yes 
Continuous heart rate  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Sleep tracking  Yes  No  Yes 
Evaluates form  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Smart alarm  Yes  No  Yes 
NFC  Yes  Yes  No 
Call and text alerts  Yes  No  No 

What you would like about Actofit

Actofit promises to identify movements correctly. Did you just do a push-up? Or was that a deadlift? Are you weight training or doing yoga? You do not have to tell Actofit anything, it will use its algorithms to figure out what you are doing and log it automatically. You also do not have to manually enter the details.

Actofit wearable tech can identify at least 75 exercises, and because it uses machine learning algorithms, it can learn more. Just as long as the movement or exercise has a unique wrist movement, the tracker can identify it.

Actofit is also water-resistant, with an IP67 rating. This means that it is protected against dust and you can wear it for 30 minutes in the water provided you do not go deeper than one meter, which is good in the general waterproof scale. Actofit also shows you the calorie burned for each exercise, allowing you to know which exercises are effective in burning calories.

What you might not like about Actofit

Actofit started out as an Indiegogo project. It received 207% of its intended funding. Unfortunately, when the trackers did ship, the Indiegogo page received a lot of negative comments. This included delayed delivery of the smartwatch to the backers and delayed responses from customer service. However, the most damaging comments ranged from the battery charge not lasting a day to the tracker not pairing with or not connecting to the relevant mobile device to connect to the app, or the tracker not working as it should, so make sure you are constantly checking the battery indicator.

Also, Actofit needs to be worn on the left wrist if you want it to accurately identify your movements. But you can wear it on your right wrist for all the other tracking features such as heart rate, sleep, and step counting.

Actofit Rise

The company is coming out with its smartwatch version of the Actofit, the Actofit Rise in March 2018. The Actofit Rise has a full-color 1.3-inch TFT display. It features a six-axis motion sensor, a heart sensor, and a touchscreen. The smartwatch is made of polycarbonate, glass, and aluminum.

Like the original Actofit, it can detect what types of movements you are doing. It automatically recognizes and logs your exercise. The smartwatch would be able to show you the important statistics while you are exercising, and then the mobile app will show you a summary when you’re done.

You also get guided workouts using the mobile app. These workouts will be customized to your fitness goals, or you could just choose a program from the app to get a list of exercises that you can do. You can also use the Actofit rise to turn the music up or down or to operate your smartphone’s camera.

Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch ($269.95) and Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch ($149.95 to $179.95) both have SmartTrack, a feature that would identify the exercise you are doing and automatically logs it for you. But this feature only works for a few exercises such as walking, elliptical, outdoor bike, sports, swimming, running, and aerobic workout. Both of these can also track your heart rate continuously, with simple heart rate zones, and give you better tracking for calories burned.

However, both Fitbit smartwatches cannot count reps, which is a big turnoff for most Fitbit fans. They also cannot evaluate your form when you do exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many exercises does the Actofit Workout Tracker recognize?

Actofit can track up to 9 different types of workouts like abs, functionals, biceps, triceps and more.

Can I get the details of my previous workout sessions?

This device will track all your workout routines. To find any of your previous sessions, you can go to the log section and take a look at your routine.

What is Freestyle workout?

A freestyle routine is when you decide aleatory workouts in the way it suits you best and the device will record it so next time you reproduce that routine, it can detect and automatically track your exercises.

Final say about Actofit

Actofit is a capable fitness tracker that aims to do more than what Fitbit can do. The promise of being able to identify and then log movements and exercises is something that Fitbit has not been able to master, save for some specific exercises. In contrast, Actofit claims that they have more than 75 exercises already in their database and you can “teach” your Actofit more exercises.

If you are into weight training, Actofit is probably the better fit for you as it can count repetitions and sets, as well as evaluate your form. Both of these are sadly absent from any Fitbit product that is available now. More than that, Actofit claims that it can deliver more statistics and even the most minute details are recorded. And because it can log everything automatically, you do not have to worry about forgetting to set it to start logging. You get credit for every movement you make.

If you are looking to buy an Actofit, you must remember that it uses machine learning to recognize your exercises. If you do an exercise that is not among the 75 exercises in its database, you might need to wait for it to learn that movement.

On top of that, the buzz for Actofit died out after it started shipping. You might also consider that the original Actofit is no longer offered on the company’s official Web site and that their attention is focused on the launch of Actofit Rise. They, however, continue to update the mobile app.

The biggest drawback with Actofit is that it is the first product of an unknown company, as well as the negative feedback on the products’ Indiegogo space. If you are into certain other sports and activities, such as running, swimming, or aerobics and others, you might want to consider getting a Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Blaze, or Fitbit Charge 2.

These devices can automatically log these exercises. But if you want your fitness tracker to count your sets and reps, and evaluate your form, then you might want to check out Actofit. If you can’t find anybody selling it, you might as well check out the Atlas Wristband 2.