The Fossil Q Dreamer Review: Will You Love It?

In the past, activity trackers with rubber or silicone straps looked very athletic and sporty. Over the years, however, we have seen fitness trackers being introduced into the market with a rather feminine look, having slimmer profiles and using colors such as rose gold, pink, or champagne. One of the first female-oriented activity trackers to come out is the Fossil Q Dreamer.

The Fossil Q Dreamer is a stainless steel and leather bracelet fitted with technology that can keep track of your activities.

Features of the Fossil Q Dreamer

  • Activity tracking. The Fossil Q Dreamer might have been designed as a plaque bracelet, but it still is able to keep track of your movements. It counts the number of steps you have made, the distance you have traveled, and the number of calories you have burned.
  • Wireless synchronization. The Fossil Q Dreamer does not need a USB cable to transfer data from the device to the smartphone app. It works with Bluetooth on Android 4.4 and iPhone 5 or later devices.
  • Exchangeable straps. The Fossil Q Dreamer is designed to look good when you wear it, as such, it has customizable straps allowing it to go well with whatever you are wearing, or whatever mood you’re in.
  • Mobile app. The Fossil Q app lets you do more with your Fossil Q Dreamer. It turns your smartphone into a Dreamer screen, allowing you to see your activity data. It also helps you manage the notifications you get on your wearable tech. The app will also give you challenges weekly, helping you do more for your fitness and keeping things fun.
  • Long battery life. The Fossil Q Dreamer has a seven-day battery life, allowing you to wear it more and charge it less.
  • Filtered notifications. You can set the Fossil Q Dreamer to only send filtered notifications so that it only vibrates when there are important emails, text messages, phone calls, and social media updates.

What you would like about the Fossil Q Dreamer

The Fossil Q Dreamer is a pretty piece of jewelry that you would want to wear to any occasion. You could wear it to the office, and you could wear it when you’re attending a social occasion. It is quietly elegant with its stainless steel and leather material.

You would love also love the fact that the LED on the side of the Fossil Q Dreamer changes colors. This means that you can color-code your notifications to know what type of alerts you are getting. For instance, using the smartphone app, you can set the lights to flash blue if you get a Facebook message, green when you get an e-mail, and yellow when you get a text message. This is a great strategy because the Q Dreamers does not have a screen.

As an activity tracker, the Fossil Q Dreamer is also accurate. For example, comparing the number of steps taken logged by the Fossil Q Dreamer is not much different when you compare it to Fitbit and any other tracker.

It also uses Intel technologies inside, ensuring that processing and tracking go without hitches and are delivering top-notch performance. You can also charge the device wirelessly.

When the Fossil Q Dreamer first came out in 2015, it was not necessarily a game changer. It did not break grounds when it came to design or to the features it offered. In fact, you would probably have better activity tracking with a similarly priced Fitbit at the time.

It did, however, cater to an underserved market: women. At that time, the market was flooded with rugged-looking and sporty trackers. Women who are looking for a more feminine activity tracker would have to settle for rubber or silicon straps.

The Fossil Q Dreamer gave women a beautiful choice for a fitness tracker that also serves as an accessory.

What could be better

The Fossil Q Dreamer, however, is more of a piece of smart jewelry than an activity tracker. It looks good, but you should not expect it to help you train for a marathon. It does give you rudimentary smart features, like letting you know when you receive an important phone call or text message, but you would still have to take your smartphone out to know who is calling you or to read your text message. In fact, you would need your smartphone just to see your activity data.

Without its own screen, the only way for you to know if the device is working is through the LED lights. Or through the smartphone app.

What’s more, the tracking it does is also somewhat limited. It can only track the steps you make, the distance you travel, and the calories you burn. It does not even tell you the time or the date.

Furthermore, some of the challenges given by the Fossil Q Dreamer are not fitness-related. For example, while it does tell you to take more steps, it also tells you to take a selfie.

The Fossil Q Dreamer sold for $125 when it first came out, making it an expensive piece of jewelry. There is also the question on the material used by Fossil for the Q Dreamer. There are users who reported that only after a few weeks of use, the leather band is becoming frayed or showing signs of wear. The stainless steel face is also not scratch-proof. What’s more, each strap costs anywhere between $25 to $30, which is quite expensive, considering that it is a $125 device.

Alternatives to the Fossil Q Dreamer

As mentioned above, the Fossil Q Dreamer functions more like a smart jewelry. It is a piece of jewelry with some smarts included in. Now, if you are looking for an alternative, there’s the Bellabeat Leaf.

For women who want to continue tracking their activity even when they are at work, on a date, or attending a gala, Bellabeat Leaf is a godsend. You can choose from two designs: the Leaf Nature and Urban. You can wear the Leaf in a number of ways: as a pendant around your neck, as a bracelet secured around your wrist, or clipped somewhere on your clothes. The Leaf costs $119, which is nominally more affordable than the Fossil Q Dreamer, but it tracks more metrics. In addition to the steps, calories burned and distance travelled, the Leaf also tracks sleep quality, sleep duration, active time, meditation sessions, stress sensitivity, activity and sleep impact on stress, and even women’s health such as tracking your period, ovulation, and fertility. It can also remind you when to take birth control pills and, if you are pregnant, it can even track your pregnancy. What’s more, the Bellabeat Leaf uses a coin cell battery that you would only need to change every six months. You do not have to charge.

If you are not impressed with the looks of the Fossil Q Dreamer and would want a more exquisite design for your jewelry, you can get the Michael Kors Access. It has a mother of pearl face and the Michael Kors logo right up front, and you can change up the straps: gem studded stainless steel, leather, or rubber. It costs less than $100 on Amazon and tracks the same things as the Fossil Q Dreamer. But it has a better companion app that helps you keep track of your goals. You can also control your smartphone’s music and take a photo from the Access. And if you cannot find your phone, you can use the Access to make it ring in order to have an easier time finding it. It uses a coin cell battery that lasts for up to four months.

Of course, there are also a lot of different activity trackers out there that can better track more fitness data. You only have to look at Fitbit’s entire product line for more options. Or you can go all out and get a smartwatch, which would allow you to do more with your wearable. Some smartwatches for women include Fossil’s own Q Venture, which costs $275 and has fitness tracking capability, smart connected features, customizable watch face, and other features you would expect from a smartwatch. You can also check out the Kate Spade Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch that has fitness tracking, wireless battery charging, and sleep quality monitoring. This Kate Spade smartwatch sells for $325. Check out the latest price here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge the fossil Q smartwatch?

To charge your Fossil Q smartwatch, just connect the smartwatch to the charging in the back of the watch, the magnets will take charge of hold it safe.

How do you reply to a text on a fossil smartwatch?

One of the best Fossil Q features is that you can answer your text from the watch. To do this, just tap the notification on the screen and swipe up to the bottom of the text and use your voice to automatically write the message or use a pre-written text.

How long does Fossil watch battery last?

With your Fossil Q smartwatch fully charged, you can enjoy of 7 days of battery. This can vary depending on the use.

Final say about the Fossil Q Dreamer

Wearables are often chosen based on personal tastes, and the Fossil Q Dreamer is one eye-catching fitness tracker. With replaceable watch bands, you can mix and match the Fossil Q Dreamer with what you are wearing. The Q Dreamer is dust-proof and splash-proof, as well, so even if you sweat a lot, it is going to be fine.

The Q Dreamer, however, is better categorized as jewelry or accessory. While it does have fitness tracking capabilities, it feels almost like an add-on. It can track only the most basic activity data.

However, even if you are willing to forgive it for this limitation and decide to buy the Q Dreamer, you would have a hard time finding one on sale. Fossil no longer offers this on their online store, and even Amazon lists it as “currently unavailable.”

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