TicWatch 2 vs. TicWatch S vs. TicWatch E – The Ultimate Comparison

The TicWatch 2, TicWatch S, and TicWatch E come from a relatively unknown manufacturer called Mobvoi. However, these smartwatches piqued people’s interest when they learned that Mobvoi is actually backed by Google.

Did Mobvoi create smartwatches that can beat the Apple Watch, even if it has a budget-friendly price?

Main Differences Between TicWatch 2 vs TicWatch S vs TicWatch E

The Main Differences Between TicWatch 2 vs TicWatch S vs TicWatch E are: 

  • TicWatch S and TicWatch E have a Polycarbonate case, whereas TicWatch 2 case is made of Stainless steel. 
  • TicWatch E and TicWatch 2 have changeable straps, whereas TicWatch S is stuck to the original. 
  • TicWatch S and TicWatch E are more affordable, whereas TicWatch 2 costs $249.00 to $299.00.
  • TicWatch S and TicWatch E use Android Wear 2.0, whereas TicWatch 2 uses Ticwear OS.

The TicWatch 2

TicWatch 2

The Mobvoi TicWatch 2 (read my full review here!) was the first one to come out in the market, having been first launched in July 2016. There are three different versions of the TicWatch 2: The TicWatch 2 Oak has a stainless steel frame with a leather strap, while the Onyx has a black stainless steel frame and band, as well as a sapphire crystal screen.

However, the Onyx and the Oak are under the TicWatch 2 Classic line.  You also have the TicWatch 2 Active, which has an aluminum frame. Prices for the Mobvoi TicWatch 2 range from $199 for the Active, $249 for the Oak and $299 for the Onyx.

Other than these, the specifications for the TicWatch 2 Active and Classic are mostly the same. The TicWatch 2 sports a round case that measures 44 millimeters in diameter and 12 millimeters thick. It comes with a 20-millimeter band. The 36-millimeter OLED display is clearly viewable even under the intense glare of the sun. Pixel density is rated at 287 pixels per inch.

Underneath the hood, the TicWatch 2 has a 1.2GHz dual-core MT 2601 processor. When it comes to memory, it gives you 512 megabytes of RAM and a storage capacity of 4 gigabytes. Furthermore, the TicWatch 2 connects via Bluetooth 4.1 or to your Wi-Fi network.

You also have the same array of sensors for all TicWatch 2 devices: built-in GPS, GLONASS, a dynamic heart rate monitor, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer.

The 300 mAh battery gives you up to two days of battery juice. If you run low, you can use the patented wireless fast charging technology that can bring your battery back to full.

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Smart features

With the TicWatch 2 fitness tracker, you can quickly skim through your notifications, allowing you to read your messages and see your schedule. It also gives you Quick Cards, which will allow you to control your music, see the weather forecast, and check your heart rates.

You can also reply to your messages using a voice reply if you pair an Android phone with a smartwatch. Furthermore, you can receive or place calls without using your hands. To answer an incoming call while driving, you only need to flick your wrist.

Fitness features

The TicWatch 2 allows you to see your steps and monitor your heart rate on the watch itself. With the smartphone app, however, you can see more of your fitness data for better insight into your health. It also comes with a fitness app that would allow you to start a specific activity such as an outdoor run or freestyle weights.

More features

Other features you could expect from the TicWatch 2 include:

  • IP65 water resistance, which means that no water could get into the device and that you can safely wear it in the rain.
  • Tickle side strip, which is a patented touch navigation interface that allows you to scroll through different menus, notifications, and calendar events.
  • Linear vibrating motor, which allows you to be able to distinguish one notification from another without having to look at the watch face.
  • Microphones and speakers that allow for two-way communication.
  • 35 included watch faces. If you need more, you can just download it.
  • Tico voice control interface. This works like Google Assistant, but instead of saying “OK Google,” you say “OK Tico” to activate the feature

TicWatch S and TicWatch E

ticwatch smartwatch

The TicWatch 2 Classic has a more premium look with its stainless steel case and leather or stainless steel strap. The Active versions are slightly sporty with the aluminum case and silicone strap.

But none of these are meant for rugged wear. In fact, you would probably dread exercising with even the TicWatch 2 Active because it is easy to leave a chink on the aluminum casing.

What’s more, with prices starting at $200, these health and fitness watches are a bit pricey. For those who are looking for a more affordable smartwatch that you can take on your exercise or rugged adventures, you can get either the TicWatch E, TicWatch S, or TicWatch E.

TicWatch S (for Sport) sells for $199.99 and comes in three flavors: Knight black, Aurora yellow, and Glacier White. It has a polycarbonate case that measures 45 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters thick. It weighs 45.5 grams.

Meanwhile, the TicWatch E (E for Express) sells for $159.99. It comes in three colors: Shadow Black, Ice White, and Lemon yellow. The TicWatch E also has a polycarbonate case that measures 44 millimeters in diameter and 13.55 millimeters in thickness. This smartwatch weighs 4 grams lighter than the TicWatch S.

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Side-by-side comparison: Price, materials, and design

Model  TicWatch 2 Active  TicWatch 2 Classic TicWatch S TicWatch E
Price  $199 $249.00 to $299.00  $199.99 $159.99 
Case material  Aluminum  Stainless steel  Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate 
Strap material  Silicone  Stainless steel or Leather  Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate 
Case diameter (mm)  44 mm  44 mm  45 mm  44 mm 
Case thickness (mm)  12 mm  12 mm  13 mm  13.55 mm 
Weight (grams)  44  44  45.5  41.5 

The TicWatch S does not feature changeable watch straps, so you are pretty much stuck with your original choice. This is not the case with the TicWatch E, which has interchangeable straps.  Aside from these, all other specifications for these two smartwatches are the same.

Comparing the TicWatch 2, TicWatch S, and TicWatch E: What are the similarities?

ticwatch e

All of these smartwatches have the same screen. Measuring 36 millimeters, their round OLED display has a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels and pixel densities of 287 pixels per inch.

All three also have the same set of sensors, giving them the same fitness tracking capabilities. Furthermore, they all have the same power: using a 1.2GHz dual-core MT 2601 processor, with storage of 4 gigabytes, and RAM of 512 megabytes.

None of these smartwatches have an option to use cellular connectivity. It’s either you rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect the watch. This limitation means that you would still need your phone nearby to get the full features of these smartwatches. 

That fact also severely limits the attractiveness of having a built-in GPS because you will need your phone in order to sync data after your run.

Comparing the TicWatch 2, TicWatch S, and TicWatch E:  What’s different

The most significant difference between the TicWatch 2 and the S and E versions is the operating system. The TicWatch 2 uses Ticwear OS, which is based on Android Wear OS but has an additional layer that allowed the manufacturer to add their own interface.

Having an Android-based operating system means that you can still download Wear OS apps to your TicWatch 2, but it would need more steps to use these apps.

The TicWatch S and E use Android Wear 2.0, and you can download ordinary Wear 2.0 apps to use with your smartwatch. The only downside is that your TicWatch S or E will look like every other Android Wear 2.0 app because Google does not allow manufacturers to come up with their own interfaces if they use their wearable operating system.

The TicWatch S and TicWatch E are also more water-resistant than the TicWatch 2. The TicWatch 2 is rated IP65, which makes it resistant to water splashes. But with IP67, the TicWatch S and TicWatch E can survive if you dip it underwater.

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Because the TicWatch S and TicWatch E do not use Ticwear OS, you no longer have to issue the OK, Tico activation phrase. You would go back to using “Ok, Google” and that is a good thing because it is less confusing.

If you have loved the Tickle side strip on the TicWatch 2, you might need to know that this feature is no longer on the TicWatch S and TicWatch E. 

The Tickle side strip allowed you to navigate through menus and messages without taking any space on the screen, and it is a very convenient and useful feature of the TicWatch 2.  Sadly, Mobvoi did not include this on the more affordable smartwatches.

Side-by-side comparison: Other features

Model  Ticwatch 2 TicWatch S TicWatch E
Battery  300 mAh  300 mAh  300 mAh 
Maximum battery life  2 days  2 days  2 days 
Wireless fast charging  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Exchangeable watch strap  No  No  Yes 
Built-in GPS  Yes  Yes  Yes 
GLONASS  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Dynamic heart rate sensor  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Gyroscope  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Accelerometer  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Water-resistant  IP65  IP67  IP67 
Tickle side strip  Yes  No  No 
Microphone and speakers  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Operating system  Ticwear OS  Android Wear 2.0  Android Wear 2.0 
Compatible with Android and iOS phones  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Round screen  Yes  Yes  Yes 
OLED display  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Display size  36 mm  36 mm  36 mm 
Pixel density  287ppi  287ppi  287ppi 
1.2GHz dual-core MT 2601 processor  Yes  Yes  Yes 
512 megabytes RAM  Yes  Yes  Yes 
4 gigabytes of storage  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Bluetooth  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi  Yes  Yes  Yes 

How these Smartwatches fare on Amazon

The TicWatch E and TicWatch S are priced from $120 to $200 and have a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5.0. Customer reviews speak of the great features offered by the TicWatch S at more budget-friendly prices. However, some people complained about screen burns, which made the smartwatch unusable after some time of use.

On the other hand, the TicWatch 2 Classic and TicWatch 2 Active have a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.0.

FAQ’s About Smartwatches

Question: What can smartwatches do?

Answer: Besides telling the time, there are a lot of things that smartwatches can do including measuring steps, tracking time, record your heart rate and vital signs, they can answer calls, send messages, play music if it’s connected to your phone, etc.

Question: Do all smartwatches need a phone?

Answer: Most smartwatches need a phone because of the Bluetooth connections, however, there are some that can be connected directly through Wifi, so you can use all of the apps directly.

Question: Can you text on TicWatch?

Answer: Yes. TicWatch watches allow texting with a small keypad that shows up on the screen and also the messages vibrate and you can choose to read a preview or the full one.

Question: What is so special about TicWatch S?

Answer: What’s special about the TicWatch S is that this smartwatch has a Google Assistant with a pretty great built-in voice recognition system that is really accurate in completing tasks by order. You can open apps, make searches, and a lot more on this watch thanks to the assistant.

Final Say: TicWatch 2 vs. TicWatch S vs. TicWatch E

It is very evident that Mobvoi has come up with the TicWatch 2, TicWatch S, and TicWatch E to ensure that different customers can choose the perfect device for them.  These are pretty similar smartwatches regarding performance, horsepower, and everything else, but they have a few differences.

If you see a smartwatch as something that would complement your style, you can choose the more exquisite TicWatch 2.  The Classic version is excellent for formal, dressy, and elegant occasions, while the Active is much better for more casual use. 

If you are more into fitness and rugged adventures, you can choose the TicWatch S or TicWatch E.  If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, get the TicWatch E.  Nevertheless, all of these smartwatches are very powerful and feature-packed. 

It is not difficult to recommend any one of these models because they prove that smartwatches can be powerful and packed with useful features without having to cost an arm and a leg.

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