Best Smartwatch Deals and Activity Tracker Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By | November 24, 2017
cyber monday smartwatch deals

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Looking for the best smartwatch deals? This page serves as a comprehensive deals tracker for all the latest discounts and promos.

That’s right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. The Holiday shopping season is kicking into full gear. If you are looking to save on the top activity tracker and smartwatch brands, you have come to the right place!

Below, you can find the various deals by brand, but also our OVERALL top smartwatch deal tracker:

What Are the Best Green Monday Smartwatch and Activity Tracker Deals Right Now?

Best Green Monday AppleWatch Deals

If you are just looking for deals on the AppleWatch (1 or 2), this is where they will be:

Best Cyber Monday Fitbit Deals

The following are the top deals we are tracking for Cyber week:

Best Cyber Monday Samsung Smartwatch Deals

For the Samsung family of devices, see below:

Best Black Friday Misfit Deals

The following new watches from Misfit are on sale right now:

Best Sony Smartwatch Deals

For deals on the Sony Smartwatch, see below:

Best Pebble Smartwatch Deals

For the latest ongoing Pebble deals, see here:

Best Fossil Smartwatch Deals

Fossil has been quickly releasing a whole slew of smartwatches. Check this section for the best deals on Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the Holiday deals period in general:

  • Fossil Smartwatch Deals: You can currently take 30-50% off here on the leading models of Fossil smartwatches. This is a record Holiday discount on these, definitely worth checking out. Some of the models including the Marshal, Founder, Explorist, and Wander series.

Best Cyber Monday Huawei Watch Deals

For the latest Huawei watch deals, check below:

Best LG Smartwatch Deals

If you are looking to pick up a cheap LG Smartwatch, check here:

Best Cyber Monday Zenwatch Deals

For the latest and greatest Zenwatch deals, see this section:

How to Find the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Green Monday Smartwatch Deals?

Put simply:

  1. KNOW the true price of the products (check well before the Holidays). Many “discounts” are regularly in place… which doesn’t make it much of a discount.
  2. Create a LIST of the devices you are actually interested in. Many times knock off brands or discount brands will undercut a category, but they have little track record of quality to go on. Don’t get fooled into buying a device that never was a good fit for you in the first place.
  3. ACT fast when deals strike. Supplies do run out, or at least get delayed. If you are shopping for Holiday gifts, this is especially true.
  4. PRICE MATCH if you find discounts available at other retailers, but can save extra on shipping, etc… But make sure you are aware of the various price matching policies ahead of time.
  5. CHECK SHIPPING times before you buy. There is nothing worse then locking in a great discount, but estimated shipping arrives December 26th… Make sure you have a hard cutoff the day before you need the gift. While shipping and logistics is advancing quickly, it’s still not a perfect system.

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