3 Best Smartwatches for Nurses in 2021

Wearing a smartwatch makes sense for nurses. They spend long hours on the job, which requires them to always be on alert, to always be clean, to remember a wide variety of things, and to be on top of every situation. The best smartwatches for nurses would allow doing their work more efficiently. For one, a great smartwatch… Read More »

The Best Fitness Trackers for Yoga [2021]

If you think about it, you would realize that fitness trackers are more advanced pedometers. Sure, they can count steps and distance with no problems, but what about exercises that do not rely on steps, such as yoga? The good news is that there are now fitness trackers that can give you accurate data tracking for your yoga… Read More »

The Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeters for 2021

A pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen in your blood without being invasive. There are several types of pulse oximeter available, but fingertip pulse oximeters are more common. Which ones are the best? Here are our recommendations for 2018: Santamedical Generation 2 OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter The second-generation allows you to measure your blood oxygen and pulse… Read More »

The 5 Best Smartwatches for Strava [2021 Edition]

Strava is a mobile and Web-based app that uses GPS data to track running and cycling activity. You can upload your activity and fitness data to Strava and the service will give you a number of statistics, such as elevation, running pace, and heart rate, among others. You will also see how you compared with other users. Strava… Read More »

Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3 [2021 UPDATE]: What’s the Difference, Which is Better Value?

Fossil is a known watchmaker that has also gone into making smartwatches.  When it comes to fashionable smartwatches, there are very few companies that can rival this company.  Fossil is now offering the fourth generation of its smartwatches, but how did their previous models fare? Here’s a look at Generation 2 and Generation 3 Fossil smartwatches. Generation 2… Read More »

The Best Fitness Trackers for Cycling for 2021

Fitness trackers have become a must-have gadget for anyone that leads an active lifestyle and wants better insight into their progress. Over the past few years, the technology behind these trackers have really improved, which is great news for people who love running and cycling. Originally these fitness trackers functioned similar to a pedometer, tracking steps and similar… Read More »

The Ultimate Best Activity Trackers for Swimmers for 2021

Fitness trackers and other wearables have come a long way in technology over the past few years. Once thought of as glorified pedometers, fitness watches now are able to track everything from reps, speed, heart rate, and even recognize certain activities based on movement. One very exciting development is fitness watches that are able to track swimming activities.… Read More »

The Best Fitness Trackers for CrossFit for 2021

Crossfit is still widely popular in the fitness world.  This fitness regimen was created back in 2000 and quickly seemed to take over.  Now you can find Crossfit gyms, or boxes as they are called, in nearly every large city throughout the US.  Although there is some debate about the safety of Crossfit over the past couple of… Read More »

Garmin Forerunner 935 vs Fenix 5 [2021] | Which is Best?

Sports smartwatches are really a good investment in that they give you more insight into your activity without thinking too much about it. Lenexa, Kansas-based Garmin is one of the most known technology companies that manufacture sports smartwatches. Two of their best products are and Garmin Fenix 5. Which one should you get? Main Differences Between Garmin Forerunner… Read More »