Gymrats Rejoice! The Ultimate Garmin Vívosport Review

Garmin has been slowly and steadily chipping away at Fitbit’s dominance in the wearable space. The company has come out with a steady stream of devices that has the features and the functionality you would want in a fitness band or a smartwatch. Meet the Garmin Vívosport  The Garmin Vívosport is one of the latest fitness bands from… Read More »

Basis Peak vs Fitbit Surge: Which Activity Tracker is Best?

Before the time of full-color LCD screens, activity trackers looked more like traditional digital watches and functioned like high-tech pedometers. The most noteworthy activity trackers released then were the Basis Peak and , both featuring a heart rate monitor and long battery life. These two effectively stamped out their competitors during that time. The others did not have… Read More »

The Full Bellabeat Leaf Review

is a wearable fitness tracker that can predict stress and can, therefore, enable you to avoid it.  But what makes it different from traditional smart fitness trackers is that it is made for women and not only monitors sleep and activity but also keeps track of the user’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy. It will then take all of… Read More »