Moov Now Fitness Tracker Review

Moov Now Fitness Tracker Review

The founders of Moov had a goal to make wellness and advancement in health available to everyone, regardless of whether they are serious athletes or have never exercised a day in their life but want to make a change. With the way technology has improved lives, it made sense to try and create a fitness tracker to achieve this goal.

With the Moov Now they have really upped the ante. This seemingly basic band easily competes with major name brand trackers yet still brings something new to the table – virtual coaching.

In an effort to make their product more effective, the creators of the Moov Now added this feature to completely change the way people can interact with their fitness tracker.

Even if you already have a favorite tracker, this model is going to have you intrigued. You may just want to add it to your collection for those times you need an extra kick to really get the workout you want.

Details & Features of the Moov Now

This simple looking device actually has a lot of features packed into it. It’s no surprise that the Moov Now is a 5x award winner for:

The Moov Now does 3 major things that other trackers don’t:

  • Talks to You While You Workout
  • Analyzes Your Form and Coaches You to Improve
  • Recognizes and Counts Reps

Other features of this device include:

  • Available in four color options – Stealth Black, Fusion Red, Aqua Blue and Blizzard White
  • Device comes with a large band, a small band, a battery and a battery tool
  • 7min+ built-in workout for days you want something intense but different
  • Device is water- and dust-proof
  • Waterproof for swimming and other similar water-based activities
  • Long lasting battery with an average lifespan of 6 months
  • Works with most major heart rate monitors (3rd party & sold separately)
  • Has 40+ different levels for each exercise program to keep you constantly progressing
  • Purchase 2 products for perfect tracking of various sports (wear one on each wrist or ankle)
  • Retails for under $80, often on sale for under $60 (check this listing for the latest pricing)

Advantages of the Moov Now

The Moov Now has a huge number of positive reviews for it. There are a lot of really useful features to this product that makes up these three main benefits.

  • Extremely Versatile, Multisport Compatibility

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Moov Now is how many activities it recognizes. All major workouts like running, jogging, walking and cycling are trackable. Some more unusual activities like swimming and boxing are also available. Another aspect of versatility is how the 7min+ feature works.

If you aren’t sure of what workout you should do on a particular day, you can do a workout with Moov’s own workout regimen. 7min+ will take you through a whole workout along with coaching. It will track your form, calories burned, and even coach you throughout the whole process to keep you going. These workouts can be really challenging, even if you are in great shape already.

As Moov continues to innovate, you can rest assured that their products will continue to improve, including more activities, workouts and being able to recognize various movements.

  • Comfortable and Sleek When Worn

Unlike so many other fitness trackers, the Moov Now doesn’t look like a typical device. The band is made of a high-quality silicone that is comfortable and won’t tug at skin. The band also has a perforated pattern on it which is nice for preventing that unpleasant sweaty effect that happens with watches. The actual device is a small colored disc which slips into the black band from the back, which helps to hold it in place while vigorously exercising.

The Moov Now fits well on majority of wrist sizes and stays put during any workout. The device comes with a small band for the wrist and a large band for the ankle. It is sleek and close to the wrist which prevents snagging. Even when worn on the ankle is hardly feels like anything is there. As mentioned this device has sleep tracking which is a breeze with how unobtrusive it is. If you don’t like to wear bracelets or watches and find them annoying, this might be the answer.

  • Motivating and Encouraging Virtual Coaching

One of the major selling points of the Moov Now is the virtual coaching. Everyone can use a little motivation when they are working out and having a voice encourage or correct you can go a long way. The virtual coaching is available for multiple sports but it most effective when running, cycling or using the 7min+ option. Many people participate in running or jogging which makes the coaching a popular feature.

For example, if you are going for a run you have the option to choose which goal you have for the workout – either improving form & pace, running farther or really pushing yourself. While running the virtual coach will give you motivation and critiques based on the goal you had set. The coaching system is definitely motivating but doesn’t feel like too much for those new to running.

Disadvantages of the Moov Now

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this device but you can find trends in less than positive reviews. Here are two flaws of the Moov Now:

  • Fairly Basic Tracking Capabilities

Although the Moov Now has some amazing features, many users find that this device is still fairly basic overall. Moov did a great job of packing in some unique details that do set this device apart from the competition but it doesn’t change the fact that this tracker isn’t as advanced as others on the the market. Now, for the price being under $80, this device is still an amazing deal and well-worth the money. In comparison to other more expensive trackers that have more features, you are still getting a lot with the Moov Now.

  • Doesn’t Have Built-In Heart Rate Monitoring

Fitness trackers are on fire at the moment, with numerous manufacturers rushing to add in the latest features that their customers are asking for. One of the most popular features is heart rate monitoring, which the Moov Now doesn’t have. Although the device does work with most popular third party heart rate monitors, it is a disadvantage since it’s just another piece of gear you have to buy. If you absolutely must have a wrist fitness tracker with built-in heart rate monitoring, this one won’t do. But if heart rate isn’t a deal breaker, the advantages of this device outweigh this downside.

The Final Run

The fitness tracker market is steadily growing larger and larger, with manufacturers debuting the latest technology on a regular basis. The Moov Now is a unique model that is definitely worth a look at. Whether you are completely new to these types of devices or have been a long-time fan, this tracker has some impressive features all wrapped up in a beautiful design.

Bottom Line: For being so budget-friendly, there really isn’t a reason to skip on this device.

Moow Now


Quality of Design


Battery Life


Processing Power


Extra Features





  • Waterproof for swimming
  • Amazing battery life
  • Smart lightweight design
  • Excellent motivational coaching
  • Versatile for many different sports


  • No built in HR monitor
  • Relatively basic tracking
  • Not a smartwatch